It Worked! A Millbrook Memories First

Hello Fellow Millbrook Memories Lovers!

Welcome To My First Millbrook Memories Review

I am so excited to share this review of an E-book that I discovered that actually is working!



box of unorganized pictures
Does this look familiar to you?
Then I have something that may help you finally get this out of the boxes and out of the closets to share with all!

The Name Says It All!

This is the Title!

“Save Your Photos and Your Sanity:  to Organize and Safeguard Your Entire Photo Collection…in as little as 10 days, without losing your mind!”

Now, how’s that for a title to get your attention?

I hope I have yours now!

If you have taken a stroll through Millbrook Memories, you will see that I am on a quest to accomplish getting my fathers-John Kading’s- lifetime of photos and slides into an organized system so in that I will be able to share them with their stories on this website!

I am on a quest to bring JOY to all those that these images will give to many people around the world!

I mean, after all, Millbrook had the Bennett College for years that had students from around the world!

Sharing Millbrook, New York around the world with John Kading's pictures!
Sharing Millbrook, New York around the world with John Kading’s images!

We also had Millbrook School too!

And so many that have their Millbrook Memori

Dad’s Workplace for Organizing his Pictures

Here’s a sneak peek of a corner in my father’s living room that we have created into the workspace to get this major project completed in the months to come! Those boxes are all filled with pictures!


What makes me excited is that the suggestions in this Ebook were what I had set up for my dad to organize his lifetime of pictures, and it is working!

Yeah! Doing the Happy Dance!

So the possibilities of this Ebook in helping you or anybody that has been feeling guilty of not organizing their family photos, I can now say it is so very possible to get it done with this information!

You now have a way!

And I want to help all of you too, so you can also do the Happy Dance!

Storage of Your Photos could be Destroying them right now!

The suggestions of the proper way to store your photos is also a very important factor to consider when you are ready to organize your photo albums too!

Did you know that you are destroying your beloved pictures if you have them in one of those magnetic albums?

Yep! I know but The Corner News Store, as well as so many other stores, sold them for displaying pictures!

This book will tell you how and why you need to rescue them immediately from being destroyed in those magnetic albums!

My Plan, Your Plan

What I loved about the planning to organize your photos is that we are all so different to what may work for us, and that is so important to have a successful outcome too in accomplishing this task!

Just for those that are overwhelmed with the idea to begin this task of organizing your photos, I have to honestly say that you are not alone because that is the #1 reason why people avoid it!

But I want to share with you a poem that was included in this Ebook called:

“Save Your Photos and Your Sanity: How to Organize and Safeguard Your Entire Photo Collection…in as little as 10 days, without losing your mind!”

Strangers in a Box

By: Pam Harazim, East Hampton, CT

Strangers in a Box Do you want to be one of them?
Do you want any of your loved ones to become Strangers In a Box? I can help!

Come, look with me inside this drawer,

In this box I’ve often seen,

At the pictures, black and white,

Faces proud, still, and serene.

I wish I knew the people,

These strangers in the box,

Their names and all their memories,

Are lost among my socks.

I wonder what their lives were like,

How did they spend their days?

What about their special times?

I’ll never know their ways.

If only someone had taken time,

To tell, who, what, where, and when,

These faces of my heritage,

Would come to life again.

Could this become the fate,

Of the pictures we take today?

The faces and the memories,

Someday to be passed away?

Take time to save your stories,

Seize the opportunity when it knocks,

Or someday you and yours,

Could be strangers in the box!


Now, I don’t know how you took this poem, but I can tell you that I honestly don’t want anyone to become a stranger in a box, do you?

Please don't allow your family to become a Stranger in a Box
Please don’t let your family or yourself become A Stranger in a Box!

And this is exactly what motivates me to continue this project of what I have referred to as A Forever Gift!

It would break my heart to not be able to finish this project of sharing my father’s pictures and have him be able to tell the stories that go along with them.

So if this is touching your heart, and it would break your heart to not take care of your family’s beloved pictures, then please just take the first step to order right now:

“Save Your Photos and Your Sanity: How to Organize and Safeguard Your Entire Photo Collection…in as little as 10 days, without losing your mind!”

You’ll be glad you took the first step too! And your family will thank you too!

Taking the first step for organizing your photos will surely begin to bring about a sense of accomplishment, too!

(I thought I’d take advantage right now of one of my adult colouring pages with that word Accomplishment!)

Accomplishment of organizing your photos
Accomplishment! Organize your photos!

That word is fitting for me considering I want so much to accomplish this project as a Forever Gift to honour my parents and to share my father’s images of Millbrook, New York and so much more!

After the pictures are organized!

They will need to be scanned into the digital format to share on this website, and this Epson FastFoto is on my WishList to do that task!

Then after the pictures are done, we will be moving on to my father’s slide collection!

After months of research, I have finally come to this Flatbed Scanner by Epson as the one, to scan the slides and to get that job done!

It will scan 4 slides at a time and automatically edit and correct as it is performing the scanning, too!

Great time saver in the Editing process too!

One Life to Live with only One Chance to Save our Memories

Because we only get one life to live!

And it’s up to us to save those images that have captured our lives by the pictures we had taken of it!

You need a Hero to help you save those precious images and prevent any of them to be destroyed!

My hope is to inspire you to desire to share your life’s photos, once they have been organized and brought about an awakening of sorts inside of you!

My hope is to bring that cherished photo’s out of the boxes in that dark closet, out to have you and your family and friends get a chance to admire them before they become Strangers in A Box!

Here’s the link to SAVE YOUR Pictures!

Click Below!

“Save Your Photos and Your Sanity: How to Organize and Safeguard Your Entire Photo Collection…in as little as 10 days, without losing your mind!”

Now it’s your time to become your family’s Hero and preserve your family’s precious pictures for future generations to come!

love of Family
Love of Family


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