Happy New Year-2019

Happy New Year Millbrook Memories!

I am so grateful that I made it through last year!

However, I am determined to continue this website and just “Do it!” as that famous Nike slogan had said to do!

I am having difficulty in understanding some tech stuff though, but am still trying to teach myself through it.

I’m becoming a PHD master on YouTube, too, as I keep trying to find the answers to these tech questions, too!

So enough of that and on to the intention I’ve always had for this website and that is to share my father’s pictures and his stories of Millbrook, New York.

I’ve been busy scanning those beloved pictures, on and off for months now, too.

In July the Millbrook Historical Society had purchased the Epson Fast-Foto Scanner that I am so very grateful for and have been scanning as much as I can. 

I still have many more photo boxes to do though, and will then go on to scan my father’s thousands in his slide collection,too.

So I am progressing slower than I had wanted to do, but am determined to get this done.

This project is way too important to me on a personal level, because I know what it means to my father, who had turned 90 on May 28, 2018!

 I also know in the potential of JOY it will bring to so many in the future, too.

 I just want to bring a smile to someone’s face in the images on this site and bring a Millbrook Memory!

We all have our Millbrook Memories and this website I hope will be shared to all those near and far, as well!

 Please share with all that you think might enjoy what is here and what may come in the future, too.

I am so grateful for all those that have already signed up for the Millbrook Memories Newsletter too.

 I haven’t yet been able to compose the first one, but plan to in the future.

I am still trying to figure out in how to create a Millbrook Memories Store, as well, but haven’t as of yet to understand in how to actually do it. 

 A great deal of stress concerning some family issues have been occuring in my life over the last 6 months or so, and my brain just isn’t working as I would like it to, but I will never give up either.

In this upcoming Millbrook Memories Store I plan to use my father’s pictures of Millbrook on mugs, T-shirts, Calendars, and you get the idea with the print on demand technology, but I am still uncertain in how to create that on this site.

 If anyone has any suggestions would appreciate it, so please message me!

2018 went by so quickly, and yet didn’t our lives while growing up in Millbrook did as well?

 Yes, it did and life seems to be happening in a faster montion than ever these days, doesn’t it? 

Thanks for stopping by and supporting this site!