My name is Diane Kading Schoessow.

I felt I needed to be honest and wanted to share this with all of you and the HOW I have been able to create this website

I had a Dream! Do You?

I have had this ‘dream’ for almost 10 years to be able to share my father’s pictures/slides to the world. I have throughout this time read many “How to” books borrowed from the library, too.

Many of my hours had been spent on YOUTUBE with that popular search term “online business” or “home business.”

However, it would always overwhelm me and I’d ‘talk’ myself right out of doing anything!

I wouldn’t even give it a try!

I was too afraid to make a mistake or get ‘stuck’ in a “Now what do I do?” situation, without anyone to help me get ‘unstuck’!

So a few years ago, while doing my annual New Years research that I have been doing for years into finding my ‘dream’ business that I could easily go into my retirement years, I came upon Wealthy Affiliate!

I was instantly impressed with what I discovered on their website and how it would ‘teach’ me all that I needed to know about creating a successful online business.

It had training video’s by one of the creators of WA, that would show me step by step of what I needed to do throughout the process of creating a website to attracting traffic to all that you would ever need to build a successful online business.

I Finally Found My HOW

This was it! This could be my ‘teacher’ and guide me step by step through creating my dream is coming true to share my father’s pictures/slides to the world!

This was finally the answer after searching for years to be shown the perfect way for me to learn this very complicated and confusing field of creating a website!

My Birthday Present to Myself

So on my 61st Birthday in June 2017, I joined WA as my birthday gift to myself!

I took advantage of the Wealthy Affiliate 7-day FREE TRAIL, and built two free websites and completed the Level 1 training by the end of that week! Yea for me! And it could be yea for you, too!

Then I took advantage of the discount to upgrade to become the Premium member for the first month after that and began the Level 2 training!

I would listen over and over the training videos one by one in the order that WA advises you to follow, too.

I can’t tell you how great it is to learn at your own pace, and to be able to watch those videos over and over again until you get the lesson, and can check the box that you did the action to continue on to the next lesson!

Changes in this field happen so quickly, and what you may see on YOUTUBE or read in a library book today, could be already obsolete!

It’s so important to be up-to-date with what’s NEW, too!

And what can I say about how important it is to have a community that is always there 24/7 to answer any questions!

It’s so awesome to have at any time a question immediately answered by a trusted WA member that know how it feels to be where you are right now, too!

And in addition, there is a very good chance if you put into the search bar your question, you will be given the answer by a training by another WA member too!

Wealthy Affiliate Membership Free 7-Day Trail

In so many online business programs that tell you they will teach this or that after you pay them X amount of money, to then learn you need another X amount to be taught this or that!

This isn’t going to happen as a member in WA because your affordable membership fee covers it all!

Everything you need to learn is already in the program at WA! You just need to do the actions it teaches you!

Your Teachers are Ready Here in WA

They say that when the student is ready the teacher will appear!

Well, I want to say if you are ready, then your ‘teachers’ are ready and waiting to welcome you to WA, too!

And I am sure you will agree that it is the very BEST by far in its teaching platform on building a successful website, and therefore a successful business online! An affordable way to make your dream a reality too!

My Secret in “HOW” I Created this website?

So this is the HOW I have created this website to honour my parents and a way to share my father’s beloved pictures throughout his life to the world!

This is how I am able to create this dream is coming true after all these years of searching!

To be given all that I needed to be taught through the lessons step by step through WA, and to actually create this website. To learn all the do’s and don’t that I need to make it a success, by the best of the best in this field of online marketing!

I have now finally found my “HOW” in sharing my father’s pictures with their stories that will become my prime focus into my retirement years! In addition, I will research and experiment with products throughout this project of scanning a lifetime of pictures and slides, as well as all that goes along with it too! Protecting correctly the pictures/slides, storage, to digital picture frames, and all that family memories mean to each one of us, too!

This is a dream coming true for me in this creation of this website,

the Facebook Page, and the Tube Channel too!

Do you have a ‘Dream” to Share too?

So if you too have a ‘dream’ in sharing something with the world with the creation of a website then please check out Wealthy Affiliate 7 day Free Trail here!

It may be your “HOW” too, as it was to me and thousands of others that are members of WA too!

If you have any further questions please send me an e-mail at and I will try to help you in any way I can!

Thank you,

Diane Kading Schoessow





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