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Mother and Daughter- Marilyn Kading and Diane Kading Schoessow creator of Millbrook Memories
Mother and Daughter- Marilyn Kading and Diane Kading Schoessow creator of Millbrook Memories

Hello to all the Millbrook Lovers,

I wanted to write this post because I felt it was time, and I needed to stop to ASK something of all of you reading this now.

First, I want to tell all of you in how much I appreciate all that have encouraged me to create this site to honour my parents, John and Marilyn Kading.

I am so touched by of all the comments that have been posted on the Millbrook Memories FaceBook page and want everyone to know whenever I visit my dad, I read them all out loud to him!

There are still some names he remembers, too!

John and Marilyn Kading of Millbrook, New York
John and Marilyn Kading of Millbrook, New York

Thankful for that!

It touches me so deeply in what words so many people have written in their memories of him, or my mother or The Corner News Store, too.

I am so grateful.

But I need your HELP

I need your help to comment, either on the website or the Facebook page to ideas in what you would love to see my post that will make your heart jump for joy in the memories they will bring up to your mind?

Ideas such as these:

  • The Corner News Store through the years
  • Bennett College
  • The Millbrook Central Schools-Elm Drive, The Middle School, The High School (Old and New)
  • The businesses throughout the Village of Millbrook
  • The Restaurants of Millbrook
  • The Churches-St. Joseph, Grace Church, Lyall Memorial Federated Church
  • Thorndale
  • Tribute Gardens
  • Millbrook Library

    Thorne Building in Millbrook, New York
    Thorne Building in Millbrook, New York
  • Thorne Building
  • Parades-Memorial Day, July 4th, etc.
  • Millbrook Community Day
Blocks of LOVE! Love MIllbrook Memories sharing John Kading's pictures of Millbrook, New York
Blocks of LOVE! Love Millbrook Memories sharing John Kading’s Pictures of Millbrook, New York

These are just a few of the picture ideas I know that my dad has in his collection, but would appreciate your feedback in what would you want me to first focus on to bring the joy of his pictures into your hearts?

Millbrook Memories Store

My father’s famous saying I have heard him say over and over again throughout my life is this:

“Find a need and fulfil it!”

So with that, I need your suggestions to what may be your needs that I can fulfil here on this website called Millbrook Memories?

My intentions when I began this site was to share my father’s lifetime of pictures of his beloved Millbrook!

And as I continued my research I discovered many Print On Demand companies that will take your photo or image and print it on products:

  • T-Shirts
  • Mugs
  • Calendars
  • Blankets
  • Pillows
  • and the list goes on and on just depends on the company.

Then I found a company that would take your images and make an adult colouring book from it!

(I have caught that Adult Coloring Wave, and plan to never get off it either!)

Then, of course, there are the Photo Books that many images in my father’s collection would make a SPECIAL gift for someone!

Organize the Memories

Another category that I am finding in actually performing this project of sorting and organizing my father’s lifetime of pictures as well as his slides, is the “HOW TO” Do it in the correct way so in that they can be found easily again?

Honestly, I have to confess that I have been researching this for years.

I guess I knew that this day would eventually come where I would need to use it!

And this is the time when I need to get this done!

Are you too feeling this sudden urge to get this done in your life?

Are there others like me that have suddenly awakened to the fact that time is running out to get this done?

Are you suddenly aware that time may not be on your side concerning’s your family member’s┬ámemory as they age?

Are you suddenly realizing that their memory and the stories behind the pictures may be coming to an end soon, too?

Maybe, you are like me that just has to get this project done and complete before there is no more time to ASK?

Do you have someone, maybe a parent or family member that had taken all those precious pictures of your family, and even the extended family and friends for years, to have them either being forgotten in photo albums or in shoe boxes?

Do you say that someday you should get them all organized and scanned for your children or your grandchildren?

Well, maybe you should start today, and let’s do this together, shall we?

I’ll share some ideas that have been working for me and you share what may be working for you too!

Amazon Has it All!

While learning MY HOW in how to create and build this website, I learned in how I could help my readers find the perfect products for what they needed and wanted to satisfy their deepest wishes!

So I joined the Amazon Associate program to have those most helpful and necessary products that went together along with what I am doing to organize my father’s lifetime of pictures and slides!

I wanted to show you what I used all along this exciting and yet “urgent” journey to successfully get this done and complete!

Here are some items that may be of interest to you too!

I am sure as I continue on this adventure that I will discover many more helpful products to help you too.

The Flip-Pal mobile Scanner To Record the Stories to the Pictures

I just recently found a product that I am very excited about and it is called The Flip-Pal!

It will scan the pictures onto an SD card or even through the wireless technology to your computer, tablet or phone!

But what gets me so excited is that once the pictures are on your computer you can have someone tell those stories that go with all those pictures too!


Honestly, I can’t tell you how many times I lay there in my bed wondering in how I was going to get my dad to tell the stories to his thousands of pictures in a way that would work!

But finally, my prayers have been answered!

There’s The Flip-Pal!

Check it out!

Your family will thank you!

I just ordered mine, and will keep you all updated in how it works as I continue this “Forever Gift” I am creating to honour my parents and share the joy my father’s images give to so many people!

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day is Coming Up!

Hand's of Time
Hand’s of Time

With Mother’s Day and Father’s Day coming up, and you never know when those Hands of Time will be up for your loved one!

Check out The Flip-Pal!

Great Gift!

Save your family’s memories before you can’t!

I would appreciate any suggestions that would be of help to me in this quest to successfully complete the sharing of my father’s lifetime of pictures of the beloved Village of Millbrook!

Thank you!

Enjoy the Millbrook Memories!

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