John Kading’s Heart Surgery Update

John Kading of Millbrook, New York with his Great Granddaughter, Jasmyn
John Kading of Millbrook, New York with his Great Granddaughter, Jasmyn

January 27, 2011,

My dad is doing really well after his open-heart surgery on Tuesday.

Mom and I got to see him about 11 o’clock yesterday morning.

He was sitting in the recliner chair next to his bed with those yellow socks on that had those little white dots of grippers all over the bottom!

He had tubes connected to him that came from all over the place.

Mom counted something like 10 bags hanging above him that went into a spot on his neck.

He also had a couple of tubes that were emptying what was at the surgery site into two boxes on the floor.

His eyelids looked upon me like he was very tired and needed to go to sleep.

But as the day went on, it wasn’t as noticeable to me anymore.

All in all, he looks very good for what he had gone through just the day before.

I’m so grateful for this outcome of this serious operation to fix his heart problems!

We all are in a deep sense of relief that this surgery is over and had been successful, too!

You can instantly see the difference in the color of his face, that has now a pinkish color to it, that it didn’t have before the operation, either!

Amazing in how when the heart is beating properly and getting the much-needed oxygen throughout your body that it instantly shows up in your face by the color it is, too!

So grateful for all the prayers and well wishes that so many have been sending to my father too!

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