January 25, 2011 Open Heart Surgery


Going through my past journal writings to see what may be of interest to Millbrook Memories, and came across this one and my reflections of my dad having open-heart surgery and all the emotions that it had brought into my family’s life.

However, when you read it you will see this word called Reiki that I do on my father.

So for those that may not be familiar with it, it is a spiritual healing art that helps in balancing our energy bodies, which we have 4 of them, spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical, so in that healing can be achieved.

Some may know this, while other’s may not, that I began my Reiki Journey back in March 2006 and continued through the completion of becoming a Reiki Master/Teacher in October of that year, too!

I have taught many students throughout the years, and will continue to do so whenever there is a student or students that have a desire to learn it, too!

Love sharing my Reiki!

But for the most part, I have used it for myself and the calming of my anxiety that it’s spiritual comfort has given me throughout these past 11 years!

So when my dad had this very intense open-heart surgery it was such a blessing to me to have it to use on myself, on my mother and of course on the patient himself, my father!

And as I post the updates on his surgery you will see that word quite a bit I must tell you too!

At times like this when dad was going through this open-heart surgery and the months of rehab after, it was a blessing to have my reiki and all the support of the many friends and family members that came to visit him during that time, too!

I will be continuing on with this very important event in our family’s life tomorrow, too!

Blessings to all!


John Kading Open Heart Surgery January 2011
John Kading Open Heart Surgery January 2011

January 25, 2011

It’s a bit after one in the afternoon and I am sitting in the cardiothoracic waiting room at Vassar Brothers Hospital in Poughkeepsie, New York.

My dad went into surgery about 9 am this morning and they’ve told us that it’ll be around seven tonight until he may be done.

I am thinking it’ll be around four or five, but we will see.

I did reiki on him yesterday afternoon while he lay down on his bed and did as much as I could this morning before he left to go to the operating room.

I am feeling that everything will be fine.

I have asked my guides to watch over him and to let him know that he is not alone and that the Reiki energy is within him and ready to be enhanced if need be.

And so it is…

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